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PA and Content Creator

Hi! My name is Jimmy Gullberg, PA-C and I'm the man behind PA Collective. PA Collective is a social media channel and business that I started in the middle of PA School. I currently work as an Orthopedic Surgery PA-C.

When I'm not taking care of patients as a PA, I enjoy connecting with like-minded people on PA Collective's social media platforms on TikTok and Instagram. PA Collective has grown exponentially since first launching in May of 2020.

I began making videos in PA school mentoring pre-PAs and talking about what the day-to-day life is like as a PA student. I shared my own personal story of going through hardship in college and my own roundabout pre-PA path.

I believe by sharing my own "underdog" story of how I got into PA School inspires my audience.

PA Collective followers really enjoy the skits I produce because I keep it friendly, clean and appropriate. The skits I produce are 100% my own and they can be educational, encouraging, motivational, positive, inspiring, wholesome and emotional, as well as humorous.

My honest and positive demeanor has helped my audience create a genuine relationship with me over the last year. I'm so grateful for the opportunities PA Collective has given me!

About PA Collective

PA Collective began while I was in PA school mentoring pre-PAs, I talk about a broad range of topics like the process of paying off 125k+ in debt, interview tips and questions, job searching, health and fitness, and fun medical skits, and whatever else is going on behind the scenes in my life! It's the good, the bad and the ugly, but most importantly, it's organically and positively me!

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